Prevention of Headaches

Prevention of Headaches

How Can I Avoid Getting Headaches?

Whether you have sinus headaches, chronic migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches, you understand the frustration, fatigue and pain associated with a headache. By one estimate, four million people have chronic daily migraines. Other studies claim 25% of American adults say they suffer from daily headaches. So how can you keep headache pain from becoming a part of your everyday life?

Lifestyle Changes and Practices to Avoid Headaches

Physical Changes

Exercise is important to maintaining your health and can help prevent headaches. A healthy diet and regular meals can also prevent major headaches, especially migraines since they can at times be triggered by certain foods. Getting enough sleep every night can prevent headaches while improving your health and mood.

Mental Changes

Stress is a major factor in many headaches. Learning to manage your stress will relieve migraines and tension headaches. If you are easily distressed, try meditating and other relaxation techniques to calm yourself and manage your emotions. Your emotions and feelings can influence your physical health, so good emotional health will aid overall wellbeing.

What If I Have Headaches from too much screen time?

Headaches can be caused by the use of electronic devices for extended periods of time. Realistically, you probably won’t cut your screen time down drastically, but most people can find ways to cut back their collective phone, computer, TV and other screen times since they contribute to digital headaches. The resulting eye strain can also contribute to cluster headaches that center around your eye.

By making changes in your physical and mental health and habits, you can start to win the battle against migraines and other types of headaches.

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