Ingredient Breakout

Ingredient Breakout

Safe & Effective. VANQUISH® Pain Reliever for Everyday Use

VANQUISH® has been a trusted name in headache and pain relief since 1964. We’ve earned that confidence one headache at a time by vanquishing pain and body aches for millions of people.

We have a strong history of understanding pain and how to relieve it, and VANQUISH® understands your need for fast, safe and effective relief from digital headache pain. Our unique formula combines the right dosage of aspirin and acetaminophen, plus a boost of caffeine. This unique blend is the right combination to ease headache, strains and fatigue caused by digital device overuse.

Aspirin works by zeroing in on the pain site. It works as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) to help reduce the underlying cause of pain. Acetaminophen blocks pain signals in the brain for fast relief. Caffeine, with its vasoconstrictive properties, offers pain relief and boosts the function of these pain relievers. VANQUISH® Pain Reliever has the right combination, at the right levels, for great pain relief.


Blocks the pain signal to the brain for fast relief.


Helps reduce pain mediators at the site of pain


Boosts the function of Acetaminophen and Aspirin at a safe and effective level.

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