Headache Relief & Digital Wellness

Headache Relief & Digital Wellness

Relief from Headaches from Too Much Screen time

Headaches are often the result of strain, illness or stress and today a common source of headache pain comes from the heavy screen time that’s just a part of life. Millions of us spend hours every day in front of computer screens, a tablet or a smartphone, and often more than one at a time! The strain this puts on our eyes, neck and head can lead to digital headaches. They're similar to tension and cluster headaches because of their location but caused by something completely different. Tension headaches and cluster headaches can be caused by strain or stress, but headaches from too much screen time have a clear cause and a clear solution.

If you can reduce the time spent on electronic devices, you’ll help avoid headaches. By spending more time relaxing and participating in self-care activities, people who experience these headaches may be able to keep them from occurring.

If you’re looking for quick relief, over-the-counter and prescription medications can also ease headache pain. Lifestyle changes, such as exercise and healthy eating, are also ways to minimize headaches from too much screen time.

Digital life is real life today, but by making changes in your digital life and identifying the root cause of your headaches, you can relieve your pain and get back to your life without missing out on anything.

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