Why Certain Times and Seasons Are Cluster Headache Triggers

While many headaches occur randomly without warning or any distinct pattern, some people experience a headache every night or morning or have episodes of headache same time every day. This is especially true with cluster headaches, which are sometimes referred to as “alarm clock headaches.” To explain this phenomenon, this article will explain why a headache every evening occurs and why certain seasons can be cluster headache triggers too. With an understanding of these types of headache patterns, cluster headache sufferers can take preventative actions to ensure a restful night’s sleep and more comfortable and productive days.

Common Cluster Headache Triggers

Cluster headaches cannot always be prevented, but triggers can be avoided to make them less likely to occur. Potential cluster headache triggers include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smells, bright lights, and foods that are high in nitrates. Other triggers are heat, high altitudes, physical activity, and seasonal changes. Genetics, emotional distress, and a history of head trauma may make individuals more susceptible to cluster headaches as well.
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Causes of Headache Same Time Every Day

Some people experience chronic headaches on a daily basis that occur roughly at the same time each day. This is often in the evening or at night. Some scientific research suggests that cluster headaches are connected to the hypothalamus of the brain, which is the part that regulates a person’s circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. This means that cluster headaches are most likely to occur at night, and more specifically an hour or two after falling asleep. Cluster headaches are very pattern-based headaches that also tend to strike around the same times each year. People call them “alarm clock headaches” because they often occur like clockwork in a predictable manner.

Dangers of a Headache Every Night

A headache every night can be very dangerous because it disrupts sleep patterns and prevents the body from getting the rest it needs to function well. Cluster headaches will often keep people up for many hours during the night, leaving them to feel exhausted, irritable, and stressed out in the morning. Over time, this reduces the body’s immune system functioning and can lead to increased illnesses and injuries too. Lack of sleep reduces a person’s work productivity, positive relationship interactions, and quality of life overall.

How to Treat Patterns of Headache Every Evening

It is first essential to diagnose the type of headache that a person is suffering from in order to pursue the most effective treatment. Vanquish is indicated for tension headaches. If you have a cluster headache, sinus headache or any other type of headache you may want to consult a doctor. Avoiding cluster headache triggers is an excellent prevention strategy, as well as avoiding stress, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet. However, chronic cluster headache sufferers may also benefit from preventative medications that are prescribed by their doctors. Learn more about cluster headaches and cluster headache triggers on the Vanquish website, which offers additional suggestions for preventative measures and over-the-counter solutions. Vanquish® is indicated for tension headaches. If you have a cluster headache, sinus headache, migraine headache or any other type of headache you may want to consult a doctor.
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